COVID-19 update. 

As a food business The Great British Food Hub Ltd can continue to trade so long as it works within the Government's guidelines on social distancing. All of our Hubs are run independently by a local Host and each have their own new procedures in place... "contactless doorstep deliveries", "contactless collections", "contactless car boot deliveries" are some of the new options available. You can find the Host's contact details on their Hub's home page.

We look forward to continuing to support our local communities and keeping everyone fed and also local businesses who overnight lost all of their restaurant, hotel and cafe customers. 

Stay safe!

The Great British Food Hub was born out of necessity when a similar online platform announced it would be withdrawing from the UK market! Dozens of local communities, thousands of customers and hundreds of local producers were left wondering “what next?”.


Unable to find a suitable replacement platform one of those producers, Gillian a pig farmer from Strathblane, along with her partner David, decided to create a new website from scratch.


The click & collect model makes shopping quick & easy. Customers can shop from local food & drink producers they might otherwise never know about and reconnect to their food, learn how it was produced – it’s the ultimate in traceability! Producers are rewarded with a fair price for their hard work, with 90% staying in your local economy! Food miles are super-low as producers are local to each Hub and food waste is reduced as they only bring produce that has been pre-ordered online. Bringing everything full circle is the fact that producers too want to connect with their end consumers, share their stories, receive feedback and ideas direct from those who are going to enjoy their goods.


If there isn’t currently a Food Hub near you, why not consider setting one up? We’ll give you lots of support and help.


If you’re a producer then selling through LOCAL Food Hubs are a much better option than paying an upfront fee to a Farmer’s Market, with no guarantee of any sales and possibly hours sanding in the cold and rain!


Get behind shopping LOCAL!


We've sourced the best products for you...

Browse hundreds of delicious, LOCALLY produced food & drink online. Get access to products you simply cannot find in shops and supermarkets! 

Order and pay securely online...

Order day or night direct from dozens of LOCAL food & drink producers using one shopping basket and our super- secure payment provider.

It's the ultimate in traceability...

Learn first hand what processes go in to making your food. How are the animals reared? How do they grow their veg without pesticides? Where do they source their ingredients?

Support your LOCAL economy...

90% of what you spend at a Food Hub stays in your LOCAL economy. Your support helps LOCAL family businesses thrive awhile you and your family benefit from the best food & drink!


There is a wide range of meat available at your LOCAL Hub from wild venison and free-range pork to lamb and free-range chicken. Be assured that we only work with farmers who share our ethos that animals reared for meat should have the best life!


Many small food businesses cater for different life choices & diets: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan & dairy-free! We're the perfect platform for these producers to connect with customers & bring their produce to market


All hubs have at least one producer supplying locally grown, fresh fruit and vegetables. The range is constantly changing with the seasons and the variety of produce will challenge the budding cooks and chefs amongst you!


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