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Bolognese Ragu

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This product contains 26% of Beef and Pork minced meat for a rich, delicious flavour and texture. Perfect with spaghetti, gnocchi or short pasta (like penne) This product is GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE AND NUTS FREE, it goes very well with gluten-free pasta and rice. This product does NOT contain PRESERVATIVES, COLOURING, SUGARS OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING. It's Artisanally made following the original recipe passed down from generations and it's as healthy as it can be! This product is LOW in SODIUM (SALT) and relatively low in fat. EPRONTO RAGU is ready to be used, does not required any additional preparation - simply pour on your pasta and enjoy!

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Celery, suphure dioxide

Made with Beef & Pork minced meat, this is the delicious Bolognese you would find on your spaghetti or Lasagna at the restaurant. Discover the

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