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Raw Scottish Heather Comb Honey (200g)

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- Great Taste 2018 1-star Award-winner - 100% raw Scottish artisan honey won from wild-flowering purple heather in the Scottish Highlands - Short production season with a unique palate as dictated by its terroir - Farmed and collected and extracted using traditional methods - Hand-cut and boxed straight from the hive - Each sale contributes to the survival of the honeybee and its essential work in pollination. What They Say: “A beautifully presented piece of comb, with rich amber honey oozing from the cells. The flavour is full and floral. The heather sweet notes are met with a fine acidity that develop a good mouth feel with the judges wanting more.” Judging Panel, Great Taste Awards 2018 Just the way our bees have made it! Hand-cut from the frame and boxed straight from the hive, this highly prized seasonal delicacy is known as the ‘Champagne’ of honeys, won from wild-flowering purple heather in the Scottish Highlands between July and September and harvested in October 2019. Like a single malt whisky, its warm, aromatic full-bodied flavour of the Scottish Highland moors is renowned amongst enthusiasts worldwide. Highly prized for its health benefits, research has found it to be just as effective as Manuka UMF 10+ in terms of its antibacterial activity. The ideal complement to any cheese, fruit or charcuterie board. Pair with cheeses such as Grand Cru or French Comté. Harvested October 2019. Great Taste 1-star 2018 Award-winner.

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Not suitable for infants under 12 months

Won from wild-flowering purple heather in the Scottish Highlands. Hand-cut from the frame, straight from the hive - just the way our bees made it! Harvested October 2019.

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