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Climbing French Beans 3 in 1 - Large Seedlings

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Climbing French Green Beans Isabel. Isabel is a double green bean in bunches of 4 to 5. The pods are 13-14 cm long and medium fine, straight and cylindrical / round. Isabel is suitable for all greenhouse and outdoor crops. Resistant to the roll mosaic virus. French beans are grown against climbing vines, which are usually arranged in rows in a cross, preferably in a north-south direction. Place the sticks in rows 120 cm apart and keep 40 cm between the sticks in the row. Place 4 beans around each stick, approx. 3 cm deep. Do this in open ground between mid-May and mid-July. Do not use fresh farmyard manure. Harvest: depending on the sowing time, you can harvest from July to September. Suitable for freezing.

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Large seedlings with deep roots each cell has 3 beans perfect for 1 pole, only buy if you're ready to plant immediately.

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